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Hello! I assume you are here desiring an audience with Lord Heartless? He is out at the moment but I anticipate his return at any time. Until then, find a comfortable chair, settle in, and enjoy a spot of tea. Browse through the available reading material, learn what you can of the heartless duke, and decide if you really want to meet him. Please leave your calling card in the form of a comment.

It was lovely to see you! Please stop by again.

***Please BEWARE*** If you have yet to read Heartless, certain aspects of the story may be inadvertently spoiled for you here. Please take care while exploring.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Latest News

I neglected to announce here that Heartless is officially out-of-print. It was a very hard decision to make but a necessary one. The book has been picked up by TreasureLine Publishing and will be re-released with a HOT new cover and an interior format and edit. I'm super excited and can hardly wait to reveal the cover. And soon, I will be asking for beta readers to help me catch the typos and inconsistencies in this story. If you want a chance to read Heartless for FREE, stay tuned!