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It was lovely to see you! Please stop by again.

***Please BEWARE*** If you have yet to read Heartless, certain aspects of the story may be inadvertently spoiled for you here. Please take care while exploring.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Today's [supposed to be] the day!!

Yeah, Heartless was supposed to see the publishing limelight [again] today. 

Not. Gonna. Happen. 

I'm sorry for that, truly I am. It's my fault for thinking I could get it done in the one month all year that I'm busy from Day 1 to Day 31. Bah! 

Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that the proofreaders have the book and I'm waiting to hear back from two of them. Hopefully, there will only be typos to correct and not major plot issues. There's the chance a plot hole snuck its way in. You just never know sometimes especially when you LIVE in the story but you're ripped out of it for irritating and mundane chores like eating, sleeping, and showering. The nerve of these things! 

So that's all I've got for you now. I know the Heartless delays are reaching into the Realm of the Ridiculous but I really appreciate your patience and understanding. ♥ 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Slow and steady....

Two more solid days of Heartless work (it would have been three days but Sunday was spent working on Part 2 of The 11th Commandment, the serial Regency I'm writing for InD'Tale Magazine) and I still have 30 pages left to edit. This is rough going, as I have to tie in certain mystery elements that I didn't have to before, and all because I decided to remove the prologue, which gave a lot away at the very start. 

At this point, I think it's going well. I should have it in the hands of proofreaders by next week, if I can continue at this pace. Too bad vacation is gonna eventually get in the way of this productive pace. 

Oh well. 

Family has to come first at some point and I have a fabulous family. Hubby pushes me though he doesn't approve of this Heartless revamp (he said it was perfect as it was and I shouldn't have touched anything) and my kids give me a lot of space so I can work. It's nice that they have such varied interests, even though they're only 6 and 8. 

So despite my slow start, I just may win this race. I'm steadily working through this difficult section of the book and I think it's smoothing out nicely. I just hope the readers will agree. 

The turtle pic is mine. If you take it, you're a thief. Just sayin'.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The countdown continues...

Just under 50 pages remain of this major edit.

YAY, ME!!!! 

I'm getting into another spot that requires everything from major rewriting to simple sentence restructuring, some clarification, and probably a bit of scene shuffling. I can't say how long that will take even though the previous 50 pages only took two days.

And though I tried to approach this project objectively, I still laughed and teared up at certain points. 

I've also figured out how to let people know this story, while remaining the same, is substantially different from the first edition. This edition will include the subtitle new revised edition.

I think that's it for now. Have a productive weekend! ♥

*Thumbs-Up Guy and Wow Gal are licensed for my use, not yours. Don't steal them. That means don't copy them, right click and download them to your computer, or screen cap them. That's stealing and it's illegal. Thank you for understanding. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The end is in sight....

I am 100 pages from completing this edit on Heartless


Now, that doesn't sound like much but I know there's some work ahead of me. 

Hubby pointed out several inconsistencies, solutions that were just too easy and too convenient for belief. Those will need to be addressed when I come to them and that may require the addition of a scene or two. 

Oh, and did I mention there's a release date for this bad boy? That's right, New Heartless has an official release date and it's probably an INSANE one. Oh well. I'm nothing if not insane. 

Watch for this one to hit the virtual shelves [again] by.... 

August 31

Until then, I'll be working my tail off to get this one ready and that also means a cover reveal very soon. With a billion family-related things going on this month, and the fact that I'm easily distracted, this is truly a challenge. But enough is enough and Derringer wants to get back out there, have his [second] chance in the limelight.

*This is Wow Gal. She is not yours to take, so don't do it. That would make you a thief. I licensed the use of her. You did not. I cut her out of her background. You did not. I added my watermark. You...get the idea.