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They married in haste. Would she repent at leisure?

Finding herself abandoned after the death of her father, Leandra Harcourt takes a chance on a dark stranger at a small inn. Married, she learns about her husband during his extended absences, discovering more truth and mystery than she ever could have dreamed. 

 The Duke of Derringer is feared and reviled wherever he goes; he is a man not to be crossed. Finding himself suddenly in need of a wife only interferes with the plans he has already set in motion. Vowing to marry the first woman he meets, he stumbles upon Leandra Harcourt, desperate and alone. 

 With only sporadic visits home, Derringer finds his wife intriguing, baffling, and oddly desirable. In her prosaic attitude and calm demeanor, he discovers a peacefulness that he's never known in his life and knows he will never find again. While facing a nameless assassin, his search for his missing cousin intensifies. Little does he realize that in reaching his goal, his enemies may reach theirs, endangering his new bride as well.

What a few readers have said:

"Ms Grant wrote characters that came to life on the page and made me care about them."
~Sharon Cathcart, Amazon Vine Reviewer and author of In the Eye of the Beholder

"I am becoming quite a fan of Jaimey Grant! Her books are traditional historical romance with meat."
~Tammy, reader in the USA

"The characters were very well developed and I became attached to them as well as caught up in their emotional struggles from start of the story."
~Tiffany, book reviewer, Tifferz Book Review

"Along with this romance, Ms. Grant mixes in some family histories that need unraveling and a mystery that needs solving. An engaging read!"
~Bernadette Simpson, author and reader in Egypt

"A brilliantly written historical romance with a mixture of suspense an intrigue that are sure to meet anyones expectations when it comes to a must read novel."
~Pamela, reader in Alabama, USA

"Ms. Grant actively captured my attention with this story and held it to the end. I simply adored it!!!"
~Rachel Rager, author of By Love or By Sea

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ISBN: 1440414742
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