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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Heartless Update

I've received most of the critiques from my beta readers. Unfortunately, I've never been one to jump right into this sort of thing so it will most likely be a few weeks before I can even look at the—no doubt awesome—suggestions my pre-readers have given me. Meanwhile, I might post some pre-edit excerpts for your enjoyment. :O)

Until then, happy blogging!!


Heather Ackermann Hilmer said...

Aww, I can't wait until this is re-published! I read some reviews on goodreads about a month ago and knew I had to have it! I went looking for it and it was out of print and only being sold used for like $500! So, I'm patiently waiting! It sounds really good!! =)

Jaimey Grant said...

Yeah, I saw the used copies on Amazon and almost cried I laughed so hard. $500? Seriously? I got a screencap. I think I'll print it out and frame it. :O)

The one copy on B&N is also listed at $500. What are people thinking?? Still, a little flattering. lol

Thanx for stopping by!