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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heartless: What I'm Doing Now....

Covers for other authors have been keeping me pretty busy lately. That's not a big deal since I rather enjoy the cover design work I do. It does take my time from writing/editing, however, so Heartless has fallen temporarily to the wayside.


I have received the notes from my final proofreader and I fully understand now why it's recommended that several pairs of eyes proofread a manuscript prior to publication. Each reader spotted different typos and had different questions. While applying their suggested changes I spotted a few typos that NONE of them caught. Which means Heartless will be getting one final read-through from me before it gets formatted for eBook publication. I am now several chapters into that final read-through. 

Which leads to another question. How do you stop your overly critical inner-editor and only fix typos? 

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