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Friday, January 11, 2013

Adventures in KDP Select (Part 4)

I've used all five of my free days now. My total worldwide downloads was 19,195. That's a heck of a lot of potential readers out there! Thank you to everyone who took a moment to grab a copy! MWAH! ♥ 

Here is the breakdown by Kindle Store: 

  • BR (Brazil): 2
  • CA (Canada): 49
  • DE (Germany): 426
  • ES (Spain): 11
  • FR (France): 23
  • IT (Italy): 20
  • JP (Japan): 2
  • UK (United Kingdom): 1515
  • US (United States/India): 17,147
If you've read Heartless and enjoyed it, please consider taking a moment to leave your review on the Amazon site where you purchased/downloaded it. I would appreciate that more than words can say. 


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