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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Slow and steady....

Two more solid days of Heartless work (it would have been three days but Sunday was spent working on Part 2 of The 11th Commandment, the serial Regency I'm writing for InD'Tale Magazine) and I still have 30 pages left to edit. This is rough going, as I have to tie in certain mystery elements that I didn't have to before, and all because I decided to remove the prologue, which gave a lot away at the very start. 

At this point, I think it's going well. I should have it in the hands of proofreaders by next week, if I can continue at this pace. Too bad vacation is gonna eventually get in the way of this productive pace. 

Oh well. 

Family has to come first at some point and I have a fabulous family. Hubby pushes me though he doesn't approve of this Heartless revamp (he said it was perfect as it was and I shouldn't have touched anything) and my kids give me a lot of space so I can work. It's nice that they have such varied interests, even though they're only 6 and 8. 

So despite my slow start, I just may win this race. I'm steadily working through this difficult section of the book and I think it's smoothing out nicely. I just hope the readers will agree. 

The turtle pic is mine. If you take it, you're a thief. Just sayin'.

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Rachel Rossano said...

You will make it, and I bet it will be spectacular when you do. :) I am looking forward to reading the revamp. :)