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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adventures in KDP Select (Part 2)

So, wow. Really, really WOW. Approximately 30 hours (out of 48) of my first free days are over. Here are the stats for the first day.*

Heartless sat in the #2 spot on Amazon's Best Sellers in the Top 100 Free in Historical Romance list (as shown in the image above). It also had the #37 spot in the Top 100 Free in the Kindle Store. That was with over 6400 downloads in the US store. 

click image to enlarge
I will post again with the final counts tomorrow morning when this is all over. ♥

*I am giving these numbers and images from the point where I finally went to bed last night, about 1:30 am (EST). That was pretty close to 24 hours after Amazon started the first free day, which was supposed to have been around 3 am (EST). 

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