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Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Heartless Update

Ah, my faithful readers and diehard lovers of all things Derringer. I am here to let you know that I finally picked up my personal copy of Heartless and opened up to page 1. And while I cringe at my overuse of the word 'was' and the number of historically inaccurate words and phrases that slipped past my guard, I still laugh and sigh and fall in love with my heartless duke all over again. 


You will be pleased to learn that this book is #1 on my list of Writing Goals for 2012. Also, I have plans to finish Intrigue, a Regency that is part of my "series" (falls between Deception and Spellbound chronologically), in which my Lord Heartless stars, before wife and marriage settle him down. 

Intrigue is Gideon de Witt's story, a friend of Derringer's who made his debut in Deception. Derringer gets into all kinds of trouble, says all kinds of shocking things, and becomes the unwilling "hero" of a teenage boy. Lots of Regency fun! 

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