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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Heartless Setback

Ever hear of someone losing all the progress they've made on a manuscript due to a technological malfunction? It's never happened to me. 

Until last night. 

I rebooted my laptop. When it came back to life, I opened my Heartless file only to discover nothing after January 12 was saved. Why it chose that date, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's the flash drive I use as a take-everywhere-with-me means of saving my book files. I try to back up my flash drive on my various hard drives (current hard drive count is three) but the last time I saved to a hard drive was Jan 7. 

Woe is me. 

I suppose I should have anticipated the flash drive crapping out at some point. It just figures it would be during a major MS overhaul. 

The only change it saved was the removal of the prologue. Hubby said God was trying to tell me that I was making too many changes. Nice thought but I don't believe God gets that involved with humans. This was just an unfortunate technological backfire. And like I said, it happens to everyone eventually. 

That being said, though I saved every 30 seconds or so, it made no difference. This was unavoidable. It sucks but I'll get past it. It will cause yet another delay in getting this book back into the hands of my readers. For that, I apologize. 

I'm gonna get back to work on it today, see if I can't dredge up the changes I'd made from the dank recesses of my mind. (Yeah, that sentence isn't structured properly but my mind's fried so cut me a break.) I hope I make it out alive. It's scary in there. 

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