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***Please BEWARE*** If you have yet to read Heartless, certain aspects of the story may be inadvertently spoiled for you here. Please take care while exploring.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Heartless Duke makes an unscheduled appearance!

That's right! Hart was spotted in a recent installment of My Lady Coward. He behaved just as badly as anyone could expect (or hope). 

You'd think a lady would be safe driving in the park (the public park!!) with a gentleman. Unfortunately, Maria discounted the rumors surrounding the Duke of Derringer, somehow forgetting that rumors are often based in truth. 

This short story takes place several years before Derringer's marriage. Perhaps that's why he's such a... well. Won't you pop over and see how Maria handles herself with the heartless lord? The image here is linked to the story and there's another image at the top of this blog's right-hand sidebar. That will get you there as well. 

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